Security Management Services

Sohil Protection believes in developing value driven relationships. What we offerour clients are not just numbers, but a security management system that is based onmodular systems and processes, higher grade manpower, better trained personaland results in a much more effective system, Better resource management andconsistent services over the years……..

Facility Management Services

Sohil Commando provides wide a range of services related to the maintenance activities to keep your system/plant in sound working condition. With our diversity of electrical/ Mechanical/BMS service personnel and our alliances with other service providers we are able to offer Clients various services to assist the Client in maintaining their electri……..

Guarding Services

Guarding services are carried out by way of static posts and mobile / beat patrols For all types of premises. SOHIL COMMANDO carry out following Function at individual premises:- Guard / Entrance Control Reception Internal Patrols Response Functions Pro-active vigilance round of the premises. We believe that the success of a guarding divi……..

Vip Security

We Provide Vip security for All events And Function with Trained Gaurds and Body gaurds …….

Latest Case Studies

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