About Sohil Commando

Sohil Commando was established in 2005 in the city of Mumbai, India (Asia).Since inception, it’s stamped and indelible mark in the markets as a lending company in contracting security. We are a team of highly qualified professional and expertise in the field of security. The security management professional, with security consultant, privet patrol and private investigator. A person coming from a family background consisting of ex-servicemen presently work in the armed force. His father was is presently Retired police officer. His uncle is retired Inspector. Many of his brothers are Serving in both the state and central police/military department. So he decided worked with various top security agency of India. I had started in career in this filed from the lowest rank. But having seen my dedication towards my work, I was elevated to the highest rank within no time. My work has always been appreciated at every level. After gaining expertise and experience in this filed, I decided to start my own security in the year 2005. I had dream to revolutionize this field and am quite successful to a great extent. “LOT HAS BEEN DONE & LOT MORES IS TO BE DONE”. His die hard and positive to be best among the rest always persuaded him to excel in his own domain i.e. securit

Sohil Commando can manage the facilities / services that fall outside the purview of the organization score functions. We are confident that with our expertise in managing the facilities effectively we shall meet all your expectations. We emphasize on managing the facilities rather them provisioning them ourselves since Believe that with better management techniques & tools one can improve the existing Systems.


Sohil Commando plan is based on

  • Better Management focusing on optimum utilization of resources,
  • Creation of Modular Systems and
  • Processes resulting in consistent delivery.
  • Spectrum of Services

Sohil Commando Security first launched quality Security & Safety Management Services followed soon by the HR Staffing Solutions and Intelligence & Investigations. To facilitate the steady growth in services, divisions were developed to ensure responsive client Serving & Focused Growth.